We manage your property

If you have a villa or chalet and you want to maximise its value, trust Villalia to manage your holiday rental. If your property meets Villalia's requirements, you will be able to take full advantage of its potential whilst also enjoying it for your own holidays.

We take care of everything

We'll take care of managing your property, leaving you 100% worry-free. We work with the main distribution channels and have a team of industry professionals ready to get the most out of your property.

A whole team at your disposal

A highly experienced team of professionals manage bookings, look after guests, clean the property and send regular reports so that you, the owner, are always on top of your holiday home's performance. Villalia also has a fully comprehensive insurance policy to cover any unforeseen events that may arise from holiday rentals.

Villalia is professionalism

Entrust us with your property to achieve maximum returns without lifting a finger. For more information contact us by email at villas@villalia.es o por teléfono en el 928 387 211 or by phone on 607 560 526.


If you have a house or villa that you don't use all year and want to obtain profit from it, put your trust in us to manage your vacation rental.

If your property meets all the requirements to be part of Villalia you will be able to obtain a high profit and enjoy it for your own holidays.

Villalia is composed of a multidisciplinary team integrated by professionals with great experience that manage the bookings, take care of guest support, cleaning of the property and periodically send reports to the owner in order to be constantly informed about the situation of the vacation rental. This will make the owner be more confident and without worrying about anything, as Villalia also has an all risk insurance in case any inconvenient related to the use of the place happens.

Moreover, we make a rigurous selection of booking requests to avoid potencially problematic guests.

Villalia manages around 40 properties in the Island of Lanzarote and other areas of Spain.

We take care of the marketing and advertising of the property, in our own website as in the most prestigious travel agencies and websites in Europe.

Put your trust in us to manage your property and obtain the maximum profit without worrying about anything.

If you want to know more, contact us through email to villas@villalia.es or phone to +34 928387211 / +34 607560526

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